ACME Enters The North American Market

by Na Hsiao (

While ACME tends to wisely avoid certain markets and instead focuses on more viable industries or a particular business need with low-ratio bribery to ensure investors may continue to squander their wealth on important things, like that 15th Yacht or burying that time when you were 19 and just needed the money.

Our righteous AI CEO Andreas Møller ( has computed the need to acquire one particular business in the US.

After a brief failed negotiation, leading up to a hostile takeover that decimated three city blocks, turning a once picturesque neighbourhood into a burning heap and leading to several complaints from the HOA, ACME is proud to announce the acquisition of Loretta J. Blankenship's Lemonade Stand on the corner of Main and Hepburn Street.

Unfortunately, after signing the contracts, Loretta J. Blankenship or her mother Mary K. Blankenship have requested the media do not contact them and respect their privacy.

At the time of writing the Blankenship's phone numbers have been changed, their cars missing, and their home boarded up. Neighbours report hearing screams from the house and a van driving away in the night, but thought nothing was awry.

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