Plutonian Parliamentary Debate Degrades into Chaos

by Niklas Moench (

During the daily pre-recorded and corporate pre-approved Prime Ministers Questions in the Plutonian Empire Parliamentary Dome, beloved Prime Minister Tatiana Ermakova prior to responding to the question posed by His Honourable Member of Parliament Blair E. Coleman, was struck with a mild disagreement with a Martian grown potato she had at lunch earlier that day.

As a courtesy, The ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration ceased the stream on Orbicom's News Network.

Rumours of a widespread discord by the lower Plutonian classes from the Hammanskraal and Florianopolis Domes have been confirmed as pure nonsense and nothing more by Region 6 Police Chief Berislava Petrović.

However, Ms Petrović was also keen to point out that The Regional Technical Command was able to repair the faulty airlocks that discharged precisely 51 residents of Hammanskraal Dome and 38 residents of Florianopolis Dome the same day.

We expect a further statement from the Plutonian Empire's Technical Overseer Mr Masumi Taniguchi in response to a series of similar malfunctions in neighbouring domes over the past two Corporate Standard days, within the Corporate Standard week.

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